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Static Resonance (For Violin & Viola Duo) 

For Violin & Viola Duo.   

Vln & Vla


Duration: c.3'

Programme Note: 

Static Resonance is short piece that focusses on a delicate, fragile, landscape created through using harmonics in the two string instruments. Despite the texture remaining largely consistent throughout the piece, the timbre and harmony subtly morphs over the course of the composition, exploring a single chord. This singular chord is explored through a variety of voicing and timbral possibilities, before revealing the complete chord at the climax. The piece then closes with the remaining fragments of the harmonics found at the opening, giving a different perspective from the opening.

This piece was written for members of the Solem Quartet, as part of the Peter Reynolds Composer Studio at The Vale of Glamorgan Festival, September 2021.

Private recording - Available on request. 

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