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Sample Recordings

Frozen Plains

(For Chamber Orchestra)

Performed by BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Clockwork Dances 

(Piano Trio no.2)

Workshop recording by Psappha Ensemble

Clockwork Mechanisms 

(For Harpsichord & Violin)

Performed by

Fenella Humphreys' & Mahan Esfahani

Bustin' The Groove  

(For Piano and Percussion Duo)

Performed by The GBSR Duo


The Rippling Tide

(For Harp and Alto Flute)

Performed by Psappha

Crystallised Time

(For Solo Harp)

Performed by Olivia Jageurs

Fading Time...

(For Solo Violoncello)


Performed by

Yovan Markovitch

Apparitions of Light 

(For Solo Piano) 

Performed by

Benjamin Powell

Shadows Of Light

(For Wind Quintet) 

Performed by

The Magnard Ensemble

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