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Apparitions of Light (For Solo Piano)

Duration: 8'

Programme Note: 


Apparitions of Light is a piece that responds to Pete Jones’ painting, Ghost Ships, where I wanted to explore the idea of a musical object that flickers between foreground and background. The overall effect of this is to present an image of a ghostly figure, hovering between our world and the great beyond. The composition also explores ideas of lightness and darkness, where bright harmonies gradually unfold  before presenting a blinding spectrum of colour at the climax, imitating the ghost ships suddenly appearing before vanishing again. In many ways the title, Apparitions of Light, pays homage to the artwork, as the piece forms a reflection of the ethereal themes present in Ghost Ships.

Apparitions of Light was commissioned for the Tŷ Pawb, Annwn, exhibition in May - June 2021, and was premiered by Ben Powell.


Painting reproduced with permission from Pete Jones.


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