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Shadows Of Light (For Wind Quintet)

For Wind Quintet   

Fl. Ob. Cl. Hn. Bsn.  


Duration: 5'

Programme Note: 

Shadows of Light is an exploration of the timbral combinations and rich expressive harmonies that can be produced in this rich instrumentation. I found approaching the wind quintet ensemble incredibly challenging, with each instrument having a unique colour and timbre within the ensemble. From this, I decided to use the individual colours as a feature of the work, where a melodic line is passed around the ensemble. By dovetailing this slow line, I showcase the vibrant colours available in the Wind Quintet, where each individual note of the line provides the resonance to create my rich harmonies. This line gradually builds in energy, where the climax features the horn and oboe reiterating a soaring melodic line. After this climax, the melody disintegrates with each instrument pulling the harmony in different directions, leaving only the resonance of my harmonies, bringing Shadows of Light to a close.

This piece was written for the Magnard Ensemble as part of the Peter Reynolds Composer Studio at The Vale of Glamorgan Festival, September 2021.

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