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Stargazer (Piano Trio No.1)

For Piano Trio  

Vln Vcl Pno


Duration: c.20'

Programme Note: 

Stargazer is a series of three pieces that attempts to replicate the shimmering and glistening imagery of night-time stars through the musical ideas and textures. The musical ideas in this piece explore concepts of stasis and motion, where the main themes are constantly shifting and changing perspective, much like visualising the shapes and constellations found in the sky. 


The three movements all emphasise the sense of melodic lines and exploiting the resonance of the piano. However, the second and third movements are interrelated with the intention to blur the sense of structure. As the second movement draws to a close, the third movement grows organically out of the texture of the closing statement by the cello. The piece closes with brief recollection to the opening movement creating a cyclical nature to the piece acting as a metaphor for the day and night cycle.


Stargazer was originally commissioned by the Aleli trio, however due to the covid pandemic the premiere was subsequently postponed.

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