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Caer Drewyn (The Hill Fort) Shortlisted for BBC National Orchestra of Wales' Composition: Wales 2023

Caer Drewyn (The Hill Fort) was selected as one of the eight compositions for BBC National Orchestra's of Wales' annual Composition: Wales programme for 2023. After a highly competitive call for scores, Cameron will receive 1-to-1 mentorship with Ryan Bancroft (Principle Conductor of BBC NOW), Sarah Lianne-Lewis (Composer Affiliate) and Gavin Higgins (Composer Associate), which will result in a premiere performance by the orchestra on the 7th March. 

Caer Drewyn is a brooding and dramatic work for orchestra, which takes inspiration from local folklore and mythology of iron-age hill forts in Llangollen and Corwen. 


Premiere Performance:

7th March, 2023 - 7:30pm 

Hoddinott Hall, Millennium Centre

Performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales 

Ryan Bancroft (cond.) 

To purchase or hire score and parts: 

Recording Coming Soon

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