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The Rippling Tide (For Alto Flute & Harp)

For Alto Flute & Harp Duo.   

A.fl. hp. 


Duration: ca.7-9'

Programme Note: 

Che Rippling Tide explores line and colour between the rich and sonorous timbres found in the alto flute and harp. As the title suggests, the piece takes inspiration from the sea and recreates the fragile rippling as a body of water gets disturbed. This piece explores a static texture to provide an illusion of movement and momentum, imitating how the water appears the same despite having the impression of movement. The music gradually becomes more energetic where the ripples become more frequent, before a burst of sudden energy acting as a climax. After this peak the music shatters, only leaving fragments of melody and resonance before fading away.

The Rippling Tide was composed for Lauren Scott and Conrad Marshall as part of Psappha’s annual ‘Composing For’ scheme for 2021 - 2022.

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