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Contemplations (For Solo Violin)

Duration: 10'

Please note: whilst this piece contains four movements, they can be performed individually, or as a complete set. 




I - Prelude 

II - Gigue

III - Nocturne 

IV - Postlude

Programme Note: 


Contemplations is a set of miniatures that seeks to explore the wide variety of tonal, and timbral, colours available on the violin. When approaching this seemingly daunting idiom, given it’s existing rich repertoire, I wanted to draw inspiration from the lineage of baroque suites, or partitas, in order to explore (and combine with) the Welsh-folk music of my heritage. Over the course of the four movements entitled: Prelude, Gigue, Nocturne & Postlude, I wanted to combine the rich singing quality of the violin with the broad range of colour and timbral intricacies decorate melodic lines. Whilst a prelude and postlude book-end this personal work, the four movements share the same thematic material of the minor third interval, highlighting my ambition to create large scale structures from small-scale motifs.

This piece is dedicated to the solo violinist, Fenella Humphreys, who premiered the work in 2023

Recording coming soon.

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