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Fading Time (For Solo Cello)

Duration: 15'

Please note: whilst this piece contains three interconnected movements, they can be performed individually, or as a complete set. 

Programme Note: 


‘Fading Time...’, is a set of three interrelated miniatures that act as compositional etudes in creating static lines. In essence, this composition explores the relationship between melodic lines and temporality, with each movement becoming progressively more abstract and textural. The first movement opens confidently, with the melodic line most prominent, by the final movement the music dissolves into purely atmospheric textural music built upon the open strings. In particular, this piece capitalises on the natural, singing tone of the instrument whilst juxtaposing the more open, resonant, quality found in the cello.

This piece was workshopped, recorded and premiered by Yovan Markovitch from the Quatuor Danel, in Febuary, 2021.




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