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Aftershocks (For Orchestra)


2.(picc.).2.2.(Bcl.)2(Cbsn). 2 perc. timp. hp. strings (


Duration: 10'

Programme Note: 


Aftershocks is a piece that explores aspects of momentum by taking inspiration from the seismological concepts of earthquakes and their consequent tremors, aftershocks. The music formed of two structural ‘waves’, both bookending the more darker, brooding material in the middle. The piece makes use of melodic fragments based upon a cellular idea to create a sense of forward motion and drama within the piece, where the more rhythmical material is superimposed on the more melodic based material. By the end, the musical fragments break down and reaches a crisis point, where the music cannot retain its stability, highlighting the devastating impact of this natural phenomenon.

Aftershocks was first workshopped by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra as part of their annual

Composers’ Hub scheme in May 2022.

Private workshop recording, available on request.

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