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Frozen Plains (For Chamber Orchestra)


1.(picc.) 1. 1.(Bcl.) 1. (Cbsn) 2 perc. timp. hp. strings (


Duration: c. 10 - 12'

Programme Note: 


Frozen Plains is a composition inspired by the icy landscapes of Antartica, exploring how musical stasis can invoke the stillness found on these frozen icecaps. The title Frozen Plains serves a double meaning, representing both the static music in this piece as well as the imagery of glaciers. The landscape of Antartica, a point of fascination for me, depicts ice continuously thawing and freezing as if the landscape is always changing shape. The music captures this through delicate textures and drifting melodies morphing from one idea to another. The ending of Frozen Plains hints towards our impact on the environment, where the layers of music melt away leaving only an intimate trio setting. I wanted this to signal the damage done to the beautiful artic landscapes and the impact of global warming causing these layers of ice to melt away. The end result would be these wonderful landscapes becoming a fraction of their former glory.

Frozen Plains was written for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales’ Composition: Wales Programme for 2020 - 2021 and was workshopped and subsequently premiered by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (BBC NOW) in June 2021. 

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