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Clockwork Dances (Piano Trio No.2)

For Piano Trio  

Vln. Vcl. Pno. 


Duration: 7'

Programme Note: 

Clockwork Dances is a piece that explores momentum and rhythmic pulsation through two main ideas: a static melodic cantus and a rhythmically active dance-like material. In particular, the title is derived from this combination of regularity in pulsation found in ‘clockwork’ constantly ticking, which is then contrasted with rhythmical energy found in dance like material in compound metre in an attempt to subvert this sense of pulse. As the piece progresses the dance-like material moves from gestural, abstract content to more pronounced where pulse remains consistent. By the conclusion the musical ideas disintegrate into their constituent elements of pulsation and resonance, leaving only fragments of the dance behind.


This piece was first workshopped and recorded by Ben Holland (violin) Jennifer Langride (cello) & Benjamin Powell (piano) from Psappha Ensemble in Halle St. Peters, 2022.

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